Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Cynthiana and Harrison County- the small-town escape for your soul. Cynthiana is a melting pot of art, culture and commerce nestled in the beautiful countryside between Lexington and Cincinnati. The scenic Licking River flows through our community with opportunities to fish, boat and adventure. Businesses from small mom and pops to the world’s only 3M post it note factory reside in our community and thrive. We hope you come to visit and stay with us for a while; there’s so much to experience in the heart of Kentucky and our small town.

Tomi Clifford, Director


141 East Pike Street suite 3

Cynthiana, KY 41031

Life is Downtown


E-911 Dispatch

Brown Ambulance Service

Cynthiana Fire Department

Harrison County Fire District

Berry Fire Volunteer Department

Harrison County Emergency Management Agency

Harrison County Search and Rescue


 Stephen Besson, M.D. (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics)

James “Joey” Calder, M.D. (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics)

Gregory Cooper, M.D. (Family Medicine)

Dwight E. Lewis, M.D. (internal Medicine)

Anne Goho, D.O. (Pediatrics)

M. Shane Gainey, M.D. (Family Medicine)

Stephen Moses, M.D. (Family Medicine)

Brian T. Mulberry, M.D. (Family Medicine)

Steven Neus, M.D. (Family Medicine)

R. Henry Norfleet, M.D. (Family Medicine)

A.C. Wright, M.D. (Family Medicine)


Charles F. Allran, M.D. (General Surgery)

Srinadh Annangi, M.D. (Pulmonology)

Allen Bond, M.D. (Radiology)

Derek J. Clarke, M.D. (OB/GYN)

William Crowe, M.D. (Urology)

Laura Moore, M.D. (OB/GYN)

Maria Pavez, M.D. (Neurology and Sleep Disorders)

Sofie Pinney, D.P.M (Foot and Ankle Surgery)

Madan Reddy, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine)

Brady Reid, M.D. (General Surgery)

Leslie Schwindel, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine)

Matthew Shotwell, M.D. (Interventional Cardiology)

BK Srivastava, M.D. (Cardiology)


Clarke D. Cash, D.M.D., M.S.D.

Christopher Kerns, D.M.D.

Thomas E. Dailey, D.M.D.

Cara Copes, D.M.D.

William B. Faulkner, D.M.D.

George Frazier, D.M.D.

Neil C. Rush, D.M.D.

Kevin C. Stephens, D.M.D.

Jason J. McIlvain, D.M.D.

Jewell Meade, D.M.D.


Your Pharmacy, LLC

Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Eastside Pharmacy

Clinic Pharmacy

Hometown Pharmacy



Abundant Health Chiropractic Center

Dr. David Ferguson, D.C.

Cynthiana Chiropractic Center

Dr. Kevin Anderson, D.C.

Dr. Stephanie Anderson, D.C.

Garnett Furnish, Executive Director

104 E. Pleasant Street
Cynthiana, Kentucky 41031