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The Business Park is currently Zoned I-1  but can be changed to accommodate specific needs. Lots are located on approximately 199 acres.  Water has been installed by the City of Cynthiana. Natural Gas (Columbia Gas of Kentucky) is available awaiting customers’ requirements. Electricity has been installed by Blue Grass Energy & Kentucky Utilities.  Telephone & Broad Band etc. needs are available through:  ATT, Time Warner, Lightyear Telephone (formerly Southeast Telephone).

The new “Shovel Ready” business park is located on US #62W & Seabiscuit  in Cynthiana.  The park is approximately 15 miles from Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky auto manufacturing facility and it’s affiliates.  The area offers a quality workforce, which is evident by the exceptional companies that have already located within the community.  Employees from the region have been trained in a wide variety of careers/skills and will work for their employers with the utmost diligence and loyalty.